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Timber Flooring Inspection Services

Timber Flooring Inspection Services

Timber Flooring Expert Advice and Inspection Service.

Our Objective

To provide a professional non-bias timber flooring inspection service that is based on facts and our in-depth knowledge of all areas of the timber flooring including flooring products, applications, manufacturing, site conditions and BCA (Building Code of Australia). 

Flooring Industry Credentials

·    20,000 successful flooring projects in both domestic and commercial applications.
·    Have trained over 860 installers and Polishers over the last 25 years.
·    Introduced and perfected timber flooring over plywood underlay in 2001.
·    Introduced the very first Timber Flooring Facts in 2001.
·    Introduced the Timber Flooring Installation and Polishing Standard 2002. 
·    Introduced Certified Flooring Contractors Agreement and Guidelines in 2002.
·    Introduced Certified Timber Flooring Manufacturers in 2003.
·    Introduced Certified Flooring Inspectors Contracts and Reports Guidelines in 2003.
·    Established AusHardwoods Timber Wholesaling in 2003.
·    Established MasterPlus Timber Flooring brand and franchising 2004.
·    Established the First Underwritten 7 Year Home Warranty for timber flooring in 2005.
·    Established the Flooring Contractors Liability Insurance 2005.
·    Developed both the Australian Chestnut and Firestreak flooring products in conjunction with AusWest Timbers in 2005.
·    Introduced 14 mm overlay products in conjunction with AusWest Timbers in 2005.
·    Introduced Sub-Floor Ventilation Requirements specifically for timber flooring in 2005.
·    Introduced Sub-Floor Tolerances, Plains and Natural Curves Standard in 2005.
·    Have visited most major timber flooring mills and have in-depth knowledge of timber flooring production, best practices and manufacturing limitations.
·    Inspected and provided advice on well over 3000 thousand floors over the past 25 years.
·    Have provided expert witness statements on flooring matters.
·    Professional onsite moisture testing services. 
·    Professional oven testing services.
 ·   Official flooring customer contract documentation.

Building Industry Credentials

·   Credentials: 3 years of Civil Engineering at RMIT.
·   Credentials: Qualified Carpenter 27 years’ experience (frame, lockup and Fix)
·   Credentials: Unrestricted Register Builder Since 1992.
·   24 Year HIA Member.
·    ATFA Member.
·   Building experience includes: Extensions, Residential homes, Multi dwelling developments, Commercial construction, Land subdivision, CAD Drawing both Architectural and Engineering detail.

Skills & Abilities

·   Our extensive experience in most cases allows us to clearly identify the main cause of the raised concern. Identifying the main cause of the concern is important so that a clear detailed plan can then be put into place to remedy the concern. 
·   By strategically spelling out the problem and applying the correct Australian standard so that it is clear to all involved parties where the problem has originated from, allows all parties to make the correct decisions and limit unnecessary costly litigation. Over our many years of experience we have found that if the report is clear and accurate most matters are quickly settled without the need of costly legal battles.
·   Many inspections reports fail to identify the fundamental problem and fail to apply the correct sequence of events that allowed the problem to exist in the first instance. Every customer, builder and contractor has a duty of care so it’s exceptionally important to understand building processes, good practices and building standards to be able to trace the concern back to the original cause and looking at the sequence of events.

·   Masterfloors will not create a conflict of interest by acting for both parties on any one job regardless if they are 2 or more distinctly different concerns. We have seen this happen too many times and fully understand the implications of such actions. 


·   All communication with clients will be kept private and confidential. No information will be released by Masterfloors to any third parties.
·   Masterfloors will only participate in mediation meetings if engaged by the client.
·   Masterfloors can provide expert witness statements on flooring matters if engaged by the client.

Services Offered

·   Timber flooring basic assessments.
·   Timber flooring advanced report writing.
·   Preliminary design and application advice.
·   Sub-floor crossflow ventilation assessments.
·   Water or flood damage assessments.
·   Onsite moisture testing.
·   Oven testing.
·    We provided timber flooring workshops for builders and companies that use timber flooring.

 Please note this is not a free service.





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