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Caring For Your Timber Floor

Caring For Your Timber Floor

Allow 7 days before moving furniture onto the finished floor.

Apply felt pads to the base of all furniture to avoid excessive scratching.

Allow a minimum10 to 14 days for the finish to fully cure, ie harden.

Place mats at all entrances, both internally and externally. They collect dirt and grit.  3M research concluded that 50% of grit can be reduced from a floor with just 2 metres of matting at entrances.

Use a soft, dry electrostatic mop frequently to keep the floor free of dust, dirt and grit.

Do not use steam mops. Warranty will be void.

Wipe all spills immediately.

Clean your floors with a suitable mop using Bona floor cleaners or warm water. Ensure the mop is well wrung and do not saturate the floor with water. This is part of your warranty obligation.

Do not use any silicon or oil containing cleaning products. Warranty will void

Do not have your heating running at extreme temperatures for long periods.

On hot days, close your window furnishings to minimise intense heat from UV exposure to the floor.

Ensure your home is well ventilated during periods of hot weather.

During dry, summer months Master Floors (Aust) recommends buckets or vases of water with spill trays should be placed around the floor to maintain moisture in the atmosphere.

Re-coating requirements are difficult to determine. As a general rule, coatings should not be allowed to deteriorate to a level where it has worn away to raw timber.




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